Dating Poo Story

Dating Poo Story

It was one of the most famous first dates ever — but what happened after PooDate. It was three months ago when Bristol man Liam Smyth shared the incredible story of the first date which ended with a woman becoming trapped after throwing a poo out of a window. The story unsurprisingly went viral and reached millions of people across the world after Liam set up a fundraising page to fund the cost of the broken window. I was never expecting this to go as far as it did. About an hour into the film, she got up and went to the toilet before returning with a look which said she had something to tell Liam. She revealed she had used the toilet but it had not flushed, so she threw the poo out of the window, wrapped in tissue paper.

Girl Gets Stuck In Tinder Date’s Window After Fetching Her Own Poo

After failing to get rid of the faeces, the woman panicked and threw it out of the window, where it became wedged between two houses. She then attempted to climb through the window to grab it. With the help of Smyth, she tried to climb between the gap to pick it up but got stuck, meaning he had to call the fire service to set her free. The BBC Pidgin version of the poo-date story is all we could ever want it to be.

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I like to collect pooping horror stories in the way I like to collect friends: abundantly, and without assessing if they’re actually good for me or contribute anything to my life. I’ve listened to many poo stories in my life, and I’ll continue to push harder until I find that ultimate tale: the golden nugget, the poop story to end all poop stories.

So here’s one brown-plated gem, first reported by the BBC. In Bristol, England, a first date went disastrously wrong after a girl panicked, threw an unflushable poo out of the window, then got trapped upside down trying to retrieve it by climbing out of said window. The case came to light after year-old student Liam Smyth, her date, shared his story online while crowdfunding to replace a window that was broken during the ordeal.

The girl, who has not been named, was in Smyth’s house after a successful date at a local restaurant. When her poop wouldn’t flush—a clear-eyed horror that all of us, if we’re being honest with ourselves, know well—she threw it out of his bathroom window, where it became trapped between an internal and external layer of glass like a flower pressed between the pages of a book. Shakespeare wrote, “cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once,” but I say: Shakespeare lacked imagination.

Only the truly valiant would admit to trapping a shit in a window on a first date. Death seems easier, if we’re being honest. He was so good about it though, just laughed with me rather than at me. Being an amateur gymnast, she was convinced that she could reach into the window and “pull the poo out,” Smyth explained on his funding page. She climbed further in and had the same problem.

Don’t pity the woman who threw her poo out of the window on a date – she’s you

Please refresh the page and retry. I f you’ve managed to miss the story of the unfortunate girl who got trapped in a window, while trying to retrieve the poo she’d lobbed out of it during a date, then where have you been? Because it’s arguably the funniest thing that has ever happened on the internet and a much-needed breath of fresh air. To surmise: After a meal at Nando’s, the woman and her Tinder date went back to his place.

One of the best things about the sorry tale once I’d stopped crying with laughter – it’s one of those that gets funnier the more you think about it was how it seemed to prompt other women to spill the beans about the mad things they’ve done to avoid having a bodily function during the early days of a relationship. After a few months, I’m pretty sure the staff considered calling the authorities.

Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date – BBC News Long story short, we are so excited for the Fall (favorite season for both of us).

It has to be one of the strangest first dates in history As far as first dates go, it counts as one of the worst to ever get splashed across the national news. Liam Smith took a woman to a restaurant after meeting her on dating app Tinder but things went downhill faster than skiers at the Winter Olympics. She ended up being rescued by firefighters after getting wedged upside down against a bathroom window reaching for a poo that she had thrown onto a ledge. To add insult to injury, the woman in question has consigned Liam to the emotional limbo of the ‘friend zone’, reports The Mirror.

The good news is that Liam raised enough money on a Go Fund Me page to replace the costly window and there was plenty left over for charity. Enough, in fact, to pay for 23 toilets in the developing world. The student first met the girl on Tinder and took her to Nando’s before returning to his flat in Bristol. He admitted: “I panicked a bit and I wrapped it up in tissue paper and threw it out of my window but unfortunately it got stuck between two panes of glass.

Woman Can’t Flush Poo Down The Toilet On First Date, What Happened Next Is Totally Hilarious.

Mon, March, 31 by Allison Bowsher. Leave it to the Brits to solve our dating etiquette queries. At long last, a bible of sorts has finally emerged for all of us who have ever had to do a number two, while trying to get to second base. The most recent guide gives examples and step-by-step scenarios for dating and pooing, two of the simultaneously greatest and worst things in life. Contrary to what Nicholas Sparks would like us all to believe, a great love story, or even a mediocre one, is not void of poo.

Where was this when I was lying to my high school boyfriend about suffering from chronic nosebleeds?

The woman who went viral after firefighters had to rescue her when she got stuck in a window while allegedly trying to retrieve her own poo on a Tinder date.

These are external links and will open in a new window. A woman who became trapped between two windows on a first date – in which she threw her own faeces out of a window – says it was all a “terrible mistake”. The anonymous woman, from Bristol, was trying to retrieve her waste after finding her date’s toilet would not flush prompting her “panic response”. Posting on Reddit, she said ever since friends had been comparing her to the hapless TV comedy character Miranda.

The BBC has attempted to verify the anonymous date’s identity but the person posting has not responded yet to the messages. This story first appeared on a crowdfunding page, set up by her date, University of Bristol student Liam Smith. He said the extra money would benefit two charities, one supporting firefighters and another that builds and maintains flushing toilets in developing countries.

His date said the toilet itself did not have a lid and was “honestly an awful loo”, but that Mr Smith was “so good” about the situation. He was so good about it though, just laughed with me rather than at me. My hips were wedged in the window, [so] I was upside down inside the window. Mr Smith said the toilet window opened into a narrow gap separated by another double glazed window.

Asked if she considered leaving it there, she said: “I feel like if I had, and he’d found me out after, I’d probably be in a worse position now.

Tinder date goes horribly wrong after woman gets stuck in window trying to retrieve her poo

Remember that story that went viral the other week about the Tinder date who threw her own poo out the window and then got stuck trying to retrieve it? Well anyway, Liam — the student who went on the date and later set up the GoFundMe campaign that made the story go viral — has now given even more details about what happened. On TV, this time. Tinder hires James Blunt to critique your profile. The year-old appeared on This Morning and went through all the grimy details, before finishing with a short update on how him and the mystery woman have left things.

Recounting the hilarious story, Liam, a postgraduate studying sociology at Bristol University, said: ‘I recently took a girl I met on tinder to Nandos.

We’ve all had bad dates, but have they ever involved the fire brigade, a bag of poop and a crowdfunding page? Didn’t think so. A man named Liam Smyth not his real name took to his GoFundMe page to run through his date and explained just when shit hit the fan. It all started innocently enough, with a cheeky Nando’s that led to ‘Louis Theroux and chill’, but Liam’s date returned from the bog with some bad news.

She told him “I went for a poo in your toilet and it would not flush. I don’t know why I did this, but I panicked. Unfortunately, Liam’s window doesn’t lead to his garden, but instead there’s about a foot and a half gap before another window, and that’s exactly where the poo landed. Liam then went to find a chisel, but in the meantime, his date who is a gymnast, FYI decided to try and squeeze in between the windows and get the poo out by hand. After 15 minutes of trying and failing to get his date out, Liam called the Bristol fire brigade, who eventually managed to free Liam’s date, but had to destroy the window in the process.

As a poor postgraduate student who is renting from an apparently scary landlord, Liam has turned to GoFundMe to raise the money. Want up-to-the-minute entertainment news and features?

Woman ends Tinder date stuck in window trying to grab her own poop

Most people have at least one “so bad it’s so good” dating story. Maybe it’s about that time you dropped your drink all over them while attempting to act out a funny joke. Maybe you accidentally gave them food poisoning.

Our unlucky in love girl reflects on some of her ‘best worst’ first dates BBC’s Pidgin English website has translated the ‘Tinder poo’ story – and it’s amazing.

By Christian Gollayan. An eventful evening for Temple fire crews. Thought your first date was crap? This Tinder hookup ended with a woman being pried off a window after she got stuck trying to grab her poop. Afterward, he took her back to his apartment, where they Netflixed and chilled. With the night already ruined, the pair went into the bathroom to try to solve the crappy problem. After trying for 15 minutes, Smyth called the fire department.

She was rescued after an additional 15 minutes, but firefighters had to destroy the window in the process. Two crews were sent from Temple station and she was rescued using hand tools. Read Next. This ‘kooky’ beagle pees while doing a handstand. This story has been shared , times. This story has been shared 70, times. Learn More.

Bizarre story about a poo and a window on a first date disaster goes viral

Source: GoFundMe. Liam wanted to smash open the window with a hammer but his date, fancying herself an amateur gymnast, decided to reach into the window to extract the poo. So he called the fire brigade — and after 15 minutes, she was free, but the window was completely destroyed. A few companies have since offered to fix the window free of charge, so Liam has pledged to give all of the money to charity.

Woman ends Tinder date stuck in window trying to grab her own poop ‘I went for a poo in your toilet,’ she told me,” Smyth wrote on his.

Student Liam Smyth was caught up in the now-famous jobbie window trauma and has used the cash raised thanks to his viral story to help good causes. The man whose first Tinder date ended up trapped when she tossed a poo out of his window has paid for 20 new toilets in Africa thanks to his incredible story. Student Liam Smyth invited the unnamed woman back to his flat to watch TV and share a bottle of wine. At one point she went to the toilet before returning with the embarrassing news that she had failed to flush the poo down the toilet.

She told him she had then thrown it out of the window wrapped in tissue paper – only to see it get trapped between the panes. And in a bid to retrieve it she over-reached and got struck in the gap between the glass. Liam called the fire service to his flat in Clifton, Bristol, who confirmed they rescued the woman after smashing the glass. The story went viral and reached millions of people across the world and Liam set up a fundraising page to pay for the broken window.

They help build latrines for people living in poverty in developing countries and the money has paid for 20 toilets in Malawi.


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