What Southern Charm’s Jenna King is doing now

What Southern Charm’s Jenna King is doing now

A lot has changed in Charleston! Since production on season 7 of Southern Charm has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bravo is going back to the beginning. The network, which has been airing throwback programming to encourage viewers to stay home amid the the COVID crisis, treated fans to a season 1 marathon on Friday, April Kathryn Dennis and Danni Baird also appeared in recurring roles. Viewers watched the on-again, off-again couple welcome two kids — Kensie and Saint — and ultimately call it quits during season 4. The show went on without Thomas for season 6. Us Weekly confirmed in February that the cast started filming season 7 , but after only a few days, they were forced to halt production. Everyone basically kept what was going on in their lives and the cameras showed up and started to catch all the drama that happens in our everyday life. It was really good. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube!

whitney sudler-smith

The Bravo series “Southern Charm,” a show set in Charleston, South Carolina, showcasing the lives of the city’s young, wealthy residents, will be back for its Seventh Season, but the cast is still up in the air. Filming of the reality show usually begins in fall, but this year cameras didn’t begin to roll until February, creating concerns that the show had been canceled.

Original cast member Shep Rose raised even more worries when he appeared on “The Russ Bolen” podcast when the show usually began filming.

The Bravo series “Southern Charm,” a show set in Charleston, South Carolina, showcasing the lives of the city’s young, wealthy residents, will.

Reality TV is one of my guiltiest pleasures, but even I have my limits: I can watch only so many installments of the Real Housewives before my ears start to hurt from screeching catfights. So when Southern Charm premiered two years ago, I was delighted to see a series depart from Bravo’s housewife-heavy formula. Plus, Southern Charm delivers amazing eye candy and coed drama with four leading men who perfectly fit some familiar dating prototypes.

In anticipation of tonight’s season finale, let’s break it down. He brought it on himself when he declared Charleston “a playground for men who don’t want to grow up,” and truly, none of his castmates seem to pursue the life of leisure with such gusto. Shep is the fratboy you wanted to date in college but couldn’t pin down: he’s tall, handsome, witty, smart, and a touch goofy. Where ladies are concerned, Shep says he “…yearns for freedom, like William Wallace.

Although we’ve yet to see him with a girlfriend, Shep says he’s actively looking for someone to keep him away from the bars and closer to Netflix. His mother worries he doesn’t eat enough. Cameran spends 20 minutes impatiently waiting for him to finish getting ready. And he’s the only Southern Charm castmate to wear hair gel.

Craig may be a law school graduate, but he seems more comfortable on the catwalk. So, while we haven’t seen much of his love life beyond the occasional flirtation with Kathryn which I find quite endearing somehow , I’m going to assume the handsome Delaware native likes his ladies slender and dolled up There are mama’s boys, and then there’s Whitney Sudler-Smith.

‘Southern Charm’ Season 1 Cast: Then and Now

Revolving around a group of old-moneyed bon vivants in Charleston, South Carolina, the show exudes an air of sophistication scant amongst its Bravo compatriots, like Vanderpump Rules or The Real Housewives franchise. Club-going boozehounds infamous for sloppy make-outs and embarrassingly stupid remarks these people are not: Thomas Ravenel, the year-old mainstay, was formerly the South Carolina state treasurer; the mother of his children, Kathryn Dennis, is a direct descendant of John C.

Calhoun —yeah, err, that John C.

Southern Charm, which originally starred Thomas Ravenel, Shep Rose, Cameran Eubanks, Craig Conover, Whitney Sudler-Smith and Jenna.

While the streets of this southern city are beautiful and the overall vibe is classy, sometimes these cast members don’t exactly behave in an appropriate way. Many of the most well-known cast members have left, and the next season will look very different. But with six seasons so far, viewers are very familiar with everyone. Keep reading to find out how the cast members of the popular Bravo series stack up against one another in terms of intelligence.

He doesn’t treat women with respect. Recently, Craig has been working on his sewing business, but for the majority of his time on the series, he was pretty lost. He was very vague about whether he had finished law school or taken the bar exam, and no one knew what his future would hold. Craig doesn’t seem to apply himself or work very hard, so he’s ranked at number nine on this list.

Between his messy love life and the beer business that he wants to start, he’s a bit of a lost soul. Austen doesn’t seem very motivated to make something of himself as he comes from a wealthy background, so that puts him at number eight. He could definitely try a lot harder.

Whitney Sudler-Smith

Of all the cast members on Bravo’s Southern Charm, Whitney Sudler-Smith is probably the most southern and the most charming. He’s basically everyone’s best friend and go-to man, but he’s pretty private compared to some of the others who let all their dirty laundry hang out. So what’s his deal? And most importantly, who is Whitney from Southern Charm dating at the moment? Whitney was actually the creator of the show, which might be why he and his mother Patricia Altschul seems like everyone’s rock.

When he’s not in Charleston, Whitney spends most of his time in Los Angeles, where he writes and directs films, according to Bravo.

The talk of Southern Charm season six was about Kathyrn Dennis’ custody they hooked up years ago — before she started dating Thomas!

Whitney Sudler-Smith is an American filmmaker, television director, and classically trained guitarist. He is an executive producer of Bravo ‘s Southern Charm , a “reality docu-series” about life in Charleston, South Carolina. He is also an executive producer on the Savannah and New Orleans spin-off shows. Sudler-Smith was born in Washington, D. His mother is Patricia Altschul then Pat Dey-Smith , [2] a socialite and prominent art dealer at the time.

In Sudler-Smith released a documentary Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston about Roy Halston , the famous fashion designer who helped to create the casual chic look. The film focused on Studio 54 and the club scene in Manhattan in the s, using archival footage and interviews of personalities including Anjelica Huston , Billy Joel , Liza Minnelli , and Anthony Haden-Guest. Sudler-Smith is creator and executive producer of Southern Charm , a reality show on Bravo that chronicles the social life of Charleston, SC.

Raise Your Hand If You’re Crushing on Whitney This Season of ‘Southern Charm’

Fans have watched this fun-loving southern belle go from starting married life with anesthesiologist Jason Wimberly to becoming a new mom to a baby girl named Palmer. Although Eubanks has often been the glue for a very animated cast, the real estate agent has had her own battles to work through while on the show. When fans first met Eubanks, she was very adamant about not wanting children. Even though she was firm about her stance, she worried that her husband might resent her if they never had kids or worse — her kids might take after her.

However, the star has said she’s done after having one.

The Creator and Star Discusses the New Season, Southern Charm New spin-​off dating series this past winter, routinely quotes Shakespeare;.

The Charleston, South Carolina socialite knew cast member Cameran Eubanks since they were teenagers and she was also a close friend to the show’s creator, Whitney Sudler-Smith. Jenna was from a smaller town in South Carolina, but she seemed to have the most luxurious life compared to her Southern Charm castmates. Her life of glamour led to immense speculation into what she did for a living. Many of her castmates suspected her much older boyfriend was financing her life.

But, according to Cameran Eubanks, Jenna still comes back every once and a while to visit. Her mom still lives in South Carolina. I loved her to death, it just didn’t work out on this show. Jenna King is relatively quiet on social media and only posts the occasional photo on Instagram. One person who has been prominently featured on her Instagram, though, is a woman named Janaina Devieira.

Jenna shared a picture of the two in May , captioning the post, “Missing my wifey!!!

Kathryn & Whitney’s Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) Is Causing Drama On ‘Southern Charm’

We all know that social distancing is the go-to move during this Coronavirus outbreak. Commenters ripped into Austen for the decision during this chaotic time. And we all know what that means!

When Craig voices his theory about Whitney and Kathryn, he learns that not everyone shares his opinion. Craig embarks on a road to redemption to salvage his.

In the introduction to the first installment, everyone seems agitated. Also, does Bravo buy self-tanner by the keg or what? Andy Cohen welcomes everyone to the sofa, and as an fyi, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis learned the night before the show taped that her mother was living on borrowed time, but she is managing largely to hold it together. The opening shot is at the men. His answer? I can already tell Shep is going to piss me off.

Naomie Olindo and Chelsea Meissner Also Leaving ‘Southern Charm’

Altschul says. Altschul, 78, has emerged as a tart-tongued matriarch doing the work of a Greek chorus for a cast in which half the members can barely figure out how to get out of bed before noon and once there, how to proceed without a beer. Altschul said of her interactions with other members of the ensemble, most of whom are several decades younger than she is. She was seated on a couch in her mansion wearing a breezy pink caftan decorated with flamingos and fringe, a piece from her upcoming ready-to-wear line.

From its inception, Southern Charm was designed to serve as a peek behind the Whitney Sudler-Smith, the show’s creator and Charleston socialite, likely gave him his own dating show, the widely criticized Relationshep.

She’s the show’s resident expert in decorum, manners, and entertaining, so we got her opinion on exactly how one should behave. Do you have any important etiquette tips? I think that people have forgotten how to meet one another properly. When you meet somebody, it is always correct to say “How do you do? My name is—” I have a trick that I will divulge: If I have forgotten somebody’s name I’ll say to them, “Tell me your name again,” and they’ll say “Tom,” and I’ll say “No, no, Tom, your last name.

It is a good one and has served me well. Are there any etiquette rules that should not be broken? The worst thing is to arrive early. But I have had cocktail parties from 6pm to 8pm, and people have turned up at 8pm. Your time is important but other people’s time is especially important when they have gone to the trouble to entertain you.

The 4 Guy Prototypes on the Cast of Southern Charm

The drama is still there. The animosity is still there. The booze is still there. So things are looking ripe for another series of misadventures, misinterpretations and manipulations. After a nicey-nicey preamble, with some Captain Kirk-like pauses and hand gestures, Thomas spews forth some major hate speech, reminiscent of a Donald Trump rally. No, they are not together.

Kathryn & Whitney’s Relationship (Or Lack Thereof) Is Causing Drama On ‘​Southern Charm’. Bravo. By Martha Sorren. May 15,

Guess I know what my guilty pleasure will be this summer – catching up with Southern Charm. Mario Buatta!?! Thanks so much for the tour, Joni. You nail it every time. I have never watched this program so I have to assume that Mario made only a cameo appearance. I am at least hoping so lest someone assume he is losing his mind. Mario was helping a long-time putting it mildly client relocate and put some finishing touches on a new house.

I don’t even consider it a “cameo” She invited him when it was being filmed! What a treat; and what a job, Joni, you have done!! I recognized the small stools; so many things from his book from all those beautiful houses that he has done for just that one client!

Meet the “Southern Charm” Season Three Cast

It turns out that the two subjects intertwine. After being confronted by multiple castmates about his involvement with Kathyrn, the mother of two was downright offended that Whitney completely denied sleeping with her for the second time. The situation was especially odd because they hooked up years ago — before she started dating Thomas!

Thomas has been dragging cast in court for anything said. Pat was recently deposed and spent hours being asked questions.

After nearly two years in the making, Southern Charm New Orleans has finally arrived! I couldn’t be prouder of this cast, and I think the show is really exceptional​.

The Southern Charm hookup circles are more like lines because sometimes they just keep going and going. That’s probably why even the show’s own cast members are speculating about whether Kathryn and Whitney are dating on Southern Charm. Not to be confused with RelationShep , Shep’s spinoff show. In a preview clip for the upcoming Southern Charm Season 6 premiere , everyone is at a dinner party at Patricia’s house.

Chelsea makes an offhand remark to Austen about what if Kathryn and Whitney got back together. Austen delightedly claims to her that they already have. He claims that Kathryn herself told him that they’d hooked up over the summer.

Southern Charm: Patricia Does Not Approve of Whitney Smoking Weed (Season 4, Episode 1)

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